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Friday, May 6, 2011

Raja Babu - Hindi Movie

Bollywood director David Dhawan's epic-length romantic drama Raja Babu concerns the title character (Govinda), a young man constantly catered to by his mother (Aruna Irani) and servant, Nandu (Shakti Kapoor) - rendering him hugely spoiled. He falls in love with the glorious Madhu (Karishma Kapoor), and (incredibly, given Indian social customs) talks her parents into setting up an arranged marriage between the two of them. Madhu breaks off the engagement and embarrasses the entire family, however, when she learns that Nandu never received a formal education and declares that she refuses to be married to him. Humiliated, Nandu treks home with his head hung low. He then makes an astonishing discovery: in addition to being uneducated, he is adopted by his parents. Suddenly, the chances of a marriage with Madhu grow slimmer by the moment; yet Nandu fails to realize that feelings of deep-seated and abiding love for him are now stirring in Madhu's heart. As Nandu sinks into humility and prepares himself for arranged marriage with an unknown woman at the hands of his foster parents, questions linger about whether Madhu's feelings will prompt her to intervene - and indeed, how she will react when she discovers Nandu's adoptee status.


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