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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joggers Park - 2003 - Hindi Movie

A retired judge and a young model form a unique friendship in Anant Balani's tender relationship drama. Former Justice Chatterjee's (Victor Banerjee) family is worried about how he will adjust following retirement, a concern that ultimately finds him spending his days in suburban Mumbai's eponymous park. Outside of his judicious former surroundings, Chatterjee makes the acquaintance of many people, including a vibrant young model and frequent jogger named Jenny (Perizaad Zoranbian). Enlisting the aid of Chatterjee in fending off a greedy uncle who is attempting to take possession of Jenny's property, the former Justice's advice proves an essential component in her success, and the young model feels deeply indebted to her newfound friend. As their meetings in Jogger's Park becoming increasingly frequent, romantic feelings bring them to consider a relationship that many would view as socially unacceptable.


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