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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mumbai Salsa - 2009 - Hindi Movie

Maya Chandhok lives a wealthy lifestyle in Delhi along with her parents. Refusing to buckle down to her mother's demands to get married| she re-locates to Kolkata| obtains her MBA| and then goes to reside in Mumbai where she gets a job in a bank| and shares a flat with two room-mates| Zenobia and Neha. She meets with Sanjay and both fall in love. Then one day he dramatically and publicly dumps her. A few days later she meets with Rajeev Sharma| who is heartbroken after his fiancée| Pooja| dumped him to re-locate to America| and both are attracted to each other. She is delighted when he proposes to her| but her delight turns sour when he asks her to re-locate with him to Singapore| drop her career| and be a home-maker for the rest of her life. Maya must now make up her mind amidst chaos and heartbreak that also threaten to tear apart lives of both Neha and Zenobia| who are also dating Rajeev's friends| Karan Kapoor and Shaji| while conservative Tyagraj| Rajeev's pal| struggles with his feelings about a much liberated Caucasian co-worker| Pamela. More


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