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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mela - Hindi Movie

In rural India a small village is ruled by a Panchayat| a group of right-wing Hindu men who run the lives of the villagers dictatorially. There are three men who challenge their authority| namely Bansilal| who is a low-caste Baniya but wants to marry Billoo| who is a Brahman; New-comer to the village| Kanhaiya| who is in love with Lajjo Choudhry| but is refused permission as no one is aware what is caste is| and to make matters worse| has been brought by a Muslim woman; and finally there is Shakti Singh - a dreaded bandit - who will not permit any daughter of the Panchs to get married as his sweetheart| Santho| was sexually assaulted and killed by Thakur. Shakti will not permit anyone to plow his land as he believes that his evil paternal uncle forged documents to make him the owner| and he blames himself for losing his brother| Kishan| during a Mela 20 years ago. The Panchayat watch in fascination when Kanhaiya buys the land...


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