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Friday, May 6, 2011

Do Dil - Hindi Movie

Manu is the princely heir to the kingdom ruled over now by Ranimaa. He likes to know what his going on| and changes his princely get-up| and dresses up as an ordinary man| and goes around the territory. He meets up with gorgeous Bijli| and both fall in love. When Bijli introduces him to her dad| he identifies himself as Badal. Then he notices that soldiers from his palace are molesting the young women from this community. After his return to the palace| he finds out that the soldiers had been acting on the orders of Kunver Pratap Singh| and he immediately puts a stop to this. This angers Pratap Singh| and he plans to avenge this humiliation| with a plan so devious that will endanger the lives of Manu| the Ranimaa| as well Bijli and the people in her community


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