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Friday, May 6, 2011

Alaap - Hindi Movie

Widowed Advocate Triloki Prasad lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small town in India with two sons| Advocate Ashok - who is married to Geeta| and Alok - who has yet to settle down in their law firm. Alok is fond of music and does enroll in classes run by Pandit Jamuna Prasad. On his return| his father asks him to accompany Ashok to their law firm and start learning to practice| which he agrees to do. Then one day Triloki finds out that Alok has not been at the firm but is instead spending time in the local slums with a former courtesan named Sarju Bai Banaraswali. He cautions Alok about this| but Alok continues to visit Sarju Bai. When Mr. Gupta approaches Triloki about taking possession & demolishing the slum area| Triloki readily agrees and with his expertise manages to sway the Court's decision in Gupta's favor. As a result| Sarju Bai and others are rendered homeless. With the fee he receives from Gupta...


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