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Friday, February 17, 2012

[starttext] Raat Gayi Baat Gayi Full Bollywood Hindi Movie. Raat Gayi Baat Gayi is a film about three couples and a keen observation on the modern day marriage. Rahul wakes up with a bad hangover after a party the night before. There he had met a sexy young woman Sophia. They got drunk and there were sparks flying. But Rahul doesn't remember what happened after that. Did they...go all the way? His wife, Mitali, is in a particularly bad mood and Rahul suspects that she might know about his little escapade last night. Rahul starts chasing his night - trying to retrieve it - trying to find out what really happened. His friends Saxena and Amit are going through their own marital crisis of sorts. Driven to his wits end, he realizes that he must seek Sophia out to restore his sanity. [endtext]

Raat Gayi, Baat Gayi - Hindi Movie

[starttext] The protagonist of Hyderabad Blues is Varun, played by the director, Nagesh Kukunoor. The movie revolves around his visit home after 12 years in the USA and his resulting culture shock. The movie is a romantic comedy, following Varun's attempts to romance an Indian doctor and balance the local customs of arranged marriage with the Western tradition of dating. The dialogue is primarily in English and Telugu, with some Hindi spoken as well. [endtext]

Hyderabad Blues - Hindi Movie

[starttext] A woman in jeopardy has to deal with a growing number of men who've fallen in love with her, as well as a pair of thugs who want her dead, in this Bollywood musical comedy. Tanya (Rimi Sen) is a beautiful young woman who is in love with Karan (Shahid Kapoor), a sweet and handsome boy who happens to live down the street. However, when Tanya stumbles upon some information about a pair of local gangsters, she finds herself in great danger and must leave town for her own good. Tanya sets out for Dubai, but it isn't long before Karan misses her so much that he decides to find her. Not knowing where she's gone, Karan hires a private investigator, Rocky (Akshay Kumar), to follow her trail, but while Rocky is able to find Tanya easily enough, when he sees her he immediately falls head over heels for her and isn't especially interested in handing her over to Karan. Sanju (Suniel Shetty) is another young man who carries a torch for Tanya, and after she goes away he also sets out to find her; when he discovers Rocky wants to make her his own, he is determined to stop him, even though he's handicapped. And is this the end of the parade of men falling for Tanya? Not by a long shot. Deewane Huye Pagal was shot on location in India, Dubai, and Las Vegas, NV. [endtext]

Deewane - Hindi Movie

[starttext] The team of Akshay 'Khiladi' Kumar & Abbas-Mastan is back with its latest project Aitraaz. The film produced under the prestigious Mukta Arts banner is all set to release in November 2004. Announced at the 25th anniversary of Mukta Arts in October 2003, Abbas Mastan's Aitraaz is a mega musical thriller starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Amrish Puri and Annu Kapoor. The film is about man's integrity & his wife's firm belief in his innocence. It's a story of truth triumphs over... Set in the garden city of Bangalore, the story revolves around three central characters Raj played by Akshay Kumar, Priya played by Kareena Kapoor & Sonia played by Priyanka Chopra. [endtext]

Aitraaz - Hindi Movie

Ashish Khanna (Akshay Khanna) falls in love with Rani (Ayesh Takia) the first time he sees her at a cold drink stall. When Rani introduces Ashish to her family, they disapprove this alliance as Ashish isn't rich. Ashish pledges to encompass wealth, save enough money to buy a flat and offer Rani all the luxuries of life. After doing a few odd jobs, Ashish manages to grab a bountiful offer. True to his word, he earns a lot and becomes wealthy. Rani's family is now happy with Ashish's changed economic condition and throws a grand engagement ceremony for the two. But on the D-day, Ashish learns that he has cancer. He starts thwarting Rani's affection for him and plans many ways to drive her away from him. Eventually he succeeds when he says that he had a relationship with a girl named Sania (Mallika Sherawat) from work and has her images plastered all across his room. He is then sent to Malaysia with Sania. Things turn bad when Sania falls for Ashish and even gets the nod from her goon brother Anna. Ashish also discovers that he doesn't have cancer. What will Ashish do now? Will he abandon Sania and go back to Rani and risk being on the run from Anna and his men forever? Or will he unwillingly marry Sania?

Shaadi Se Pehle - Hindi Movie

[starttext] "MOD" the film is is about a 25 year old girl named Aranya (Ayesha Takia), who lives in a hill station called Ganga. She lives with her father, Ashok Mahadeo (Raghuvir Yadav) and her aunt, Gayatri Garg (Tanvi Azmi). Aranya's father is the head of the local Kishore Kumar Fan club while her aunt runs a restaurant. Aranya and her father still wait for her mother who left them to pursue her dreams in the city. There is a shopkeeper, Gangaram, who has feelings for Aranya. In order to support herself and her father, Aranya runs a watch repair store where she ends up meeting a stranger named Andy(Rannvijay Singh).He comes back everyday to get his water logged watch repaired and leaves a 100 rupees note in the form of an origami swan.Later,Andy claims to be her classmate in 10th. Eventually, they fall in love.The story takes a dramatic turn when Aranya discovers the truth about Andy [endtext]

MOD - Hindi Movie

[starttext] "Payback" the film is based on a man who decides to re-pay a good Samaritan but regrets doing so after he finds out that he is an assassin. Mumbai-based Kunal Sahay has just broken up with his girlfriend, Ishita Sahani, who is about to re-locate to Germany, gets involved in an vehicular accident. No one is ready to assist him until an unknown male drives him to the hospital. A grateful Kunal recovers and returns to work with the Great Life Insurance Company and his room-mate, Rohit Sharma, an aspiring Bollywood actor. Kunal does meet with the unknown male, Raghu Satoskar, and gives him his address, and offers to do whatever he can for saving his life. A few days later, Raghu shows up at Kunal's residence, bleeding from a bullet wound. Kunal takes him to a doctor, has the bullet removed, and even loans him his car - only to have it damaged. Kunal then seeks Ishita's help and together they escort him to a nearby Police Station and fill out a statement that they had found Raghu bleeding on the sidewalk. Hoping to put this incident behind, they return to Kunal's flat - this is where Ishita will be abducted and held by goons until and unless Kunal brings in Raghu, who is an assassin-for-hire, and has just killed Dada Bhosle. With the latter in police custody - how will Kunal ensure Ishita's safe return? [endtext]

Payback Full Bollywood Hindi Movie.

[starttext] Morning Walk - The Full Bollywood Hindi Movie. "Morning Walk " the film is about the person's(Joymohan) life changes it all. After suffering a heart-attack one morning, on his birthday, Joymohan (Anupam Kher) realizes that he needs to spend more time with his family - son (Rajit Kapoor), daughter-in-law (Divya Dutta) and grand-daughter Avika Gor and mend broken bridges of the past. Professor Joymohan stays alone in Kolkata. He is a heart patient and when he gets a severe heart attack on his birthday he realizes he needs to spend as much time with his family in Mumbai as possible. He then goes to Mumbai to his son Indra, daughter in law Rita and grand daughter Gargi. While Indra and Gargi are delighted, Rita is not so happy about his arrival. She makes her displeasure more vocal. Joymohan starts going for morning walks to the nearby park in the mornings. During one such morning walk he meets his old student Neelima and her daughter Anjali who wants to do a doctorate in the US. [endtext]

Morning Walk - hindi Movie

Don a wanted criminal dies in a police chase. DSP DSilva is the only witness of his death and to get hold of the gang he trains Don-look alike Vijay. Vijay is planted in Dons place. But will he be able to nab the real gang? How will he manage to trick Police and the real Don gang? Watch this movie to know it all. One famous dialogue of movie is Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai. It was the third-highest grossing Bollywood movie of 1978. It has gained cult film status in India. Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle received accolades at filmfare for the tracks Khaike Pan Banaraswala and Yeh Mera Dil respectively. [endtext]

Don - Hindi Movie

Ada... A Way of Life Full Bollywood Hindi Movie.

"Ada... A Way of Life" is the tale of Ayaan, son of a Noble human being Anil Anand, and a Spiritual Mother, Aamina. Ayaan's gentle world is turned upside down when Anil starts receiving death threats if he goes ahead with his testimony against some criminals.

The world of moral certainties crumbles in the face of contemporary disarray, as the murder of his father sets Ayaan on a course of revenge and killing against the criminals of Mumbai, as he becomes a contract killer.

The conflicted character of Ayaan Anand is a modern tragedy as he becomes part of the criminal stream, even as he searches for truth and happiness.

ADA is a film of the moment, as it compels us to re-examine the youth-crime phenomenon in a very poignant and freshly told story.

Ada... A Way of Life - Hindi Movie

"Ready" is a romantic-comedy set in Mauritius. It is a story about Prem (Salman Khan) and Sanjana (Asin) who fall in love amidst a twisted plot of greedy uncles who want to gulp down Sanjana's family inheritance and Prem's crazy family who always form a part of their only son's plans. Comedy is essentially a part of the various schemes and conspiracies both parties plan to teach each other a lesson. But what happens when Sanjana's family find out they've been tricked? Revenge takes over their minds which lead to yet another series of plotting and adventures for both families. On music front Ready has some amazing songs like Dhinka Chika, Character Dheela & many other grooving numbers.Music of the film is from bollywood hit machine Pritam.

Ready - Hindi Movie - 2011


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