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Friday, February 17, 2012

Shaadi Se Pehle - Hindi Movie

Ashish Khanna (Akshay Khanna) falls in love with Rani (Ayesh Takia) the first time he sees her at a cold drink stall. When Rani introduces Ashish to her family, they disapprove this alliance as Ashish isn't rich. Ashish pledges to encompass wealth, save enough money to buy a flat and offer Rani all the luxuries of life. After doing a few odd jobs, Ashish manages to grab a bountiful offer. True to his word, he earns a lot and becomes wealthy. Rani's family is now happy with Ashish's changed economic condition and throws a grand engagement ceremony for the two. But on the D-day, Ashish learns that he has cancer. He starts thwarting Rani's affection for him and plans many ways to drive her away from him. Eventually he succeeds when he says that he had a relationship with a girl named Sania (Mallika Sherawat) from work and has her images plastered all across his room. He is then sent to Malaysia with Sania. Things turn bad when Sania falls for Ashish and even gets the nod from her goon brother Anna. Ashish also discovers that he doesn't have cancer. What will Ashish do now? Will he abandon Sania and go back to Rani and risk being on the run from Anna and his men forever? Or will he unwillingly marry Sania?


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