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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taraana - 1979 - Hindi Movie

Taraana is a Classic Bollywood Movie, directed by Deepak Bahry, starring Ranjeeta, Mithun Chakraborty & Dr. Shreeram Lagoo.
Synopsis : Tarana is the melody of love! Love of Radha and Shyam which blossomed in the beautiful valley of Kashmir. When Radha's father Rana came to know of this love affair, he was shaken to the core. For he knew that rich and poor are like two banks of the same river which never meet.Even then for the sake of his daughter's happiness Rana went to Shyam's rich guardian Thakur who spurned the offer and almost literally kicked him out. Little did Thakur knew that Radha whom he rejected as Shyam prospective wife was none other than his own daughter whom he had betrothed to his friend's son Shyam in childhood. After having lost his daughter Thakur had brought up Shyam as his own son. Strange are the ways of fate. Though Thakur was really Radha's father he was bent upon destroying her love and happiness. And Rana who had brought up Radha as his daughter was willing to sacrifice everything for her happiness, but he proved powerless against Thakur's might. And the time came when Thakur was about to kill his own daughter Radha. At that very moment, the doll which was Radha's childhood companion came to her rescue by revealing the truth and re-uniting the lovers.


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