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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hindi action movie - Hum Se Hai Zamana (1983)

HUM SE HAI ZAMANA is a story of a man whose evil design not only is destined to destroy him, but destroy all those who are connected with him

Money and power changes Thakur (Kamal Kapoor) from a normal man into a devil. He shuns his wife and family to remarry a much younger woman, not only that he throws his two children and wife out of his house to get his way. So enticed is he by his success that when his employees, led by Kalicharan (Shreeram Lagoo) go on a strike demanding higher pay and benefits, he gets Kalicharan killed. Thakur's second wife gives birth to a girl, Nisha (Zeenat Aman) and passes away.

Years later, his past comes to haunt him when the sons of Kalicharan, Shiva (Mithun) and Karan (Danny), along with their widowed mother (Seema Deo) seek revenge against him. To make matters worse, Nisha his own daughter refuses to marry Ranjeet Ranvir Singh (Ranjeet), the man Thakur has chosen for her, for she loves Shiva. However the final nail is driven in by Thakur's own son, Iqbal (Amjad Khan), and his first wife (Purnima) who come back to get him. The question remains, will the Thakur use force to do away with his opponents and have them killed, as he had done in the past, or will he adopt other more subtle methods?


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