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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Koshish - 1972 - Hindi Movie

Haricharan Mathur delivers newspapers on his bicycle and lives a poor lifestyle in Bombay| India| just like millions of other Bombayites. But for Haricharan there is a difference - he is both deaf and dumb. One day he comically collides with equally deaf-mute| Aarti| and both fall in love and get married. Soon they give birth to a son| who is normal| much to the relief of his parents. One rainy night| their house gets burglarized by Aarti's brother| Kanu| who leaves the door open| and also steals Hari's bike. The child ventures out in the rain| and subsequently dies| leaving both Aarti and Hari devastated. Their lives get turned upside down| as Hari is unable to deliver newspapers anymore| and must find other means of employment to survive. He does so by polishing shoes. In this manner they survive| and give birth to yet another son| and name him Amit. Hari and Aarti are thrilled that Amit is able to hear and speak| and would like him to study and find a better job. Will Aarti and Hari's dreams be fulfilled? How will Amit turn out?


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