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Friday, April 29, 2011

Uphaar (Hindi Movie) - 1971

Uphaar - 1971 Directed By : Sudhendu Roy Starring : Jaya Bhaduri, Swaroop Dutt, Nana Palsikar, Kamini Kaushal. Music Director : Laxmikant Pyarelal
Synopsis : Anoop - Swaroop Dutt studies law in Calcutta, while his widowed mom lives in a small town in West Bengal. He has a sister, Sudha, who is married to Anil and lives in Calcutta. Since Anoop is of marriageable age, his mom has seen a girl for him, whose name is Vidya, and is the daughter of Shankarlal. When Anoop returns home, she seeks his approval, but he says he wants to see the girl first. He goes to see Vidya but also gets to meet another belle by the name of Minoo - Jaya Bhaduri. He returns home, tells his mom that he cannot marry Vidya, but will marry only Minoo. His mother reluctantly agrees and the marriage takes place. It is then that they find out that Minoo has no household skills, neither is she educated, nor mature enough to understand her relationship with Anoop. Her only interests appear to be stealing mangoes and other fruits, and playing with children much younger than her. Anoop's mom is quite exasperate with her and is compelled to keep her locked up. When the time comes for Anoop to return to Calcutta, he asks Minoo to come with him, but she refuses. His mother cannot handle her childishness and refuses to let her stay with her. Anoop accordingly leaves her with her mom, Sharda Awasthi. However what will finally happen between Minoo and Anoop is what you can find out.......


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