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Friday, April 29, 2011

Shiva (Hindi Movie)

Shiva| quiet and unassuming| joins a college in mid-semester. Asha and Malli| fellow students slowly draw him in to their fold. This college is ruled over by JD and his goons. Lectures are disrupted| girls are teased and boys tormented. JD does all this with the backing of Bhavani| a politician. JD gets a taste of his own medicine when he crosses Shiva.s path once too often. When Shiva challenges JD by fighting the student elections| it becomes open war. When Shiva's friends become victims of JD's violence| he does not seek revenge. He systematically and cold bloodedly sets about removing Bhavani's supporters one by one| leaving him gasping and afraid for his life. A tense action thriller from Ram Gopal Verma.


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