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Friday, April 29, 2011

Hera Pheri (Hindi Movie)

Hera Pheri is a hilarious comedy where three innocent dreamers stumble upon a chance to earn lots of money but the wrong way. Shyam - Sunil Shetty - comes to Mumbai to apply for a job. But there is another applicant for the same job - Anuradha Panikkar - Tabu. Shyam decides to fight for his job and starts residing as a paying guest with Baburao Apte - Paresh Rawal, a garage owner. Raju - Akshay Kumar - is Baburao's other paying guest who disapproves of Shyam right from the start. These are four people in dire need of money and only a miracle can save the situation. The miracle occurs in the form of a wrong number phone call. Kabira, a goon, has kidnapped the granddaughter of Devi Prasad, a rich businessman and is calling on Baburao's phone number by mistake and demanding ransom. Raju hatches a daring plan - to talk with Kabira posing as Devi Prasad, and to talk with Devi Prasad posing as Kabira, ask him for double the amount of ransom money which Kabira had originally demanded save the girl, give half the money to Kabira and keep the rest. They carry out their plan with courage, but being innocent at heart they fear they will be duped. Though their plans fail at the end, their innocence and courage wins them back their respect & wealth.


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