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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Khilona - Sanjeev Kumar, Jeetendra & Mumtaaz - Classic Bollywood Movie - 1970.

Directed By : Chander Vohra Starring : Sanjeev Kumar, Mumtaaz, Jitendra, Jagdeep, Shatrughan Sinha, Durga Khote,Ramesh Deo,Shabnam,Chand Usmani, Bipin Gupta, Jayashree Music Director : Laxmikant Pyarelal

Synopsis : Thakur Suraj Singh lives a wealthy lifestyle with his wife; three sons - Kishore, his wife Laxmi & two children Pappu and Laali; Vijaykamal, & Mohan; and an unmarried daughter, Radha. Kishore looks after the family business, while Vijaykamal is a renowned poet, and Mohan is studying law in the city. Vijaykamal is in love with Sapna, but she is forced to marry Bihari, and kills herself on the night of the marriage. Vijaykamal witnesses her death and loses his mind. The family decides to keep him under lock and key on the terrace of their house. Unable to admit Vijaykamal to a mental asylum, Suraj brings home a young courtisan, Chand, who he hopes will cure Vijaykamal, and she does succeed considerably, but is traumatized, sexually assaulted by Vijaykamal, and abused by the rest of the family. Mohan finds her very attractive and wants her for himself, so does Bihari. A pregnant Chand is again traumatized when Vijaykamal recovers, but is unable to recognize her. The rest of the family do not believe that the child she is carrying is Vijaykamal's, and want her to leave. The question remains, what can this woman, who has been used as a toy, do under these circumstances?


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