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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pyaar Diwana - Hindi Movie

Sunil (Kishore Kumar) is a college student notorious for his pranks and rebellious ways. Sunil's uncle Mr. Rai decides to get Sunil married to curb his shenanigans. Their family friend Shekhar finds a suitable bride for Sunil and the marriage takes place amidst much opposition from Sunil. Sunil runs away from home on his first night, abandoning his wife without even seeing her face. Shekhar takes it on him to unite Sunil and his wife for which he schemes a master plan. Soon Sunil falls madly in love with a fellow collegian, Mamta (Mumtaz), setting up a series of comical mishaps. But with his viled wife in the middle and a crime boss named Samsung hot on his tail, will Sunil succeed in his love? How will Shekhar's plan play out to unite Sunil and his wife?


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